Kapi-Mana Music Festival Competitions 2017 Results

Most outstanding string performer:  Benjamin Sneyd-Utting
Most outstanding string performer (under 3 years tuition):  Laie Vatuvei
Most outstanding pianist:  Benjamin Carter
Most promising string performer:  Toloa Faraimo
Most promising pianist:  Angelica Clarke
Most promising ensemble:  Virtuoso Strings Octet

Senior (Secondary school)
Most outstanding Senior musician  Benjamin Sneyd-Utting
Most promising Senior musician  Jonny Bourne

Senior String solo (restricted)
  1st Fay Nafatali; 2nd  Avia Lemisio;  3rd EJ Roebeck
Senior Piano solo, under Grade 4  1st Sanjeet Palukuri, 2nd Elisaia Kasiano,  3rd Katelin Cheung
Senior, piano solo Grades 4-6 incl  1st Jonny Bourne; 2nd Emma Peirce;  3rd Sarah Armitage
Senior, string solo  1st Benjamin Sneyd-Utting; 2nd Jessica Jenkins;   3rd Toloa Faraimo
Senior, vocal solo  1st Kitty Sneyd-Utting; 2nd Natalie Ingram
Senior duet/duo  1st Angelica Clarke & Emma Peirce

Senior, Wind solo  1st Amos Manktelow; 2nd Natalie Ingram; 3rd Taylor Robinson

Senior, Jazzy piece  1st Virtuoso Strings Quartet (Toloa Faraimo, Avril Stil, François Tamaiva, James Pese Akerise); 2nd Virtuoso Strings Quartet (Avril Stil, Ataahua Pakaurangi, Avia Lemisio, EJ Roebeck); 3rd Joseph Sison

Senior, piano solo, grade 7 and above  1st Benjamin Sneyd-Utting; 2nd William Berry;  3rd Ben Kennedy

Senior Ensemble  1st Virtuoso Strings Ensemble (Avril Stil, Erana Tamaiva, Kitty Sneyd-Utting, Daniel Sneyd-Utting, Benjamin Sneyd-Utting, Tiare Tamaiva, James Pese Akerise);  2nd Virtuoso Strings Quintet;  3rd Sneyd-Utting Trio

Intermediate (school years 6-8)
Most outstanding Intermediate musician  Benjamin Carter
Most promising Intermediate musician  Perry Xie
Intermediate Strings solo (restricted)  1st Tiffany Kenyon; 2nd Xavier Ngaro; 3rd Lotoalofa Filo
Intermediate Piano solo, Grade 3 and above  1st Benjamin Carter; 2nd Perry Xie;  3rd Chee Cheng Law
Intermediate String solo  1st Cordelia Waldron; 2nd  Jillian Tupuse;  3rd Rochelle Pese Akerise
Intermediate Wind solo  Hannah Francis
Intermediate Duet/Duo  1st Andrew Cheng & Chee Cheng Law (piano duet); 2nd Jillian Tupuse& Veititi Alapati (violins); 3rd Imogen Waldron (cello) & Cordelia Waldron (piano)
Intermediate Jazzy piece  1st Rochelle Pese Akerise & Annie Baxter; 2nd Jillian Tupuse & Claudia Suailua; 3rd Tuhina Sambhus
Intermediate Ensemble  1st Rochelle Pese Akerise, Jillian Tupuse & Veititi Alapati;    2nd Lina Tamaiva, Edward Sneyd-Utting & Suia Faraimo

Junior (School years 1-5)
Most outstanding Junior musician  Yasha Potanin
Most promising Junior musician  Imogen Waldron
Junior Piano solo (restricted)  1st Dylan Gao; 2nd Xiangyi Liang; 3rd Imogen Waldron
Junior Strings solo (restricted)  1st Oceana Takao; 2nd  Laie Vatuvei; 3rd Suia Faraimo
Junior Piano solo  1st Yasha Potanin; 2nd Tamara Nguyen; 3rd Edward Sneyd-Utting
Junior Strings solo  1st Anjali Chu; 2nd Edward Sneyd-Utting; 3rd Imogen Waldron
Junior Brass solo  1st Hugo Carter

Test Pieces
Piano test ‘The Swan’  1st Molly Zhou;  2nd Makaela Cheung; 3rd Elisaia Kasiano
Strings test ‘The Swan’  1st Benjamin Carter; 2nd Rochelle Pese Akerise;  3rd François Tamaiva
Winds test ‘The Swan’  1st Hannah Francis; 2nd Natalie Ingram
Vocal Test ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’  1st Kitty Sneyd-Utting; 2nd Natalie Ingram
Test above Grade 5 – ‘Meditation by Massenet’  1st Benjamin Sneyd-Utting; Toloa Faraimo; 3rd Daniel Sneyd-Utting;   VHC  William Berry