Festival Results 2022

Most promising pianist: Caelum Zheng
Most promising string performer: Karen Yui
Most promising secondary school musician: Sebastian Green
Most promising intermediate musician (school years 6–8): Natalija Sekicki
Most promising junior musician (school years 1–5): Olivia Zhou

Competitive Classes

Piano Solo, Grade 8 and above

  1. Edward Sneyd-Utting
  2. Cordelia Waldron

String Solo, Grades 6–8

  1. Sebastian Green
  2. Karen Yui

Piano Solo, Grades 6 and 7

  1. Xiangyi Liang
  2. Christian Lobb
  3. Summer Bethwaite

Very Highly Commended: Chloe Shi, Gabriel Chionh
Highly Commended: Ingschwan Zhang, Sofia Nguyen, Raymond Wong