Performance Pointers

In a live concert performance setting you need to:
  • Enter the performing area with confidence and acknowledge the audience (e.g. bow).
  • Ensure that your music/music stand is correctly positioned.
  • Perform the piece of music expressively with a high degree of musical understanding i.e. awareness of, and response to style, interpretative details, accuracy, articulation, phrasing, dynamics, rhythm and feel.
  • Perform the piece of music with fluency and security in a range of technical skills, i.e. techniques appropriate to the instrument that are consistent throughout the performance.
  • Fluently perform the piece with a high level of technical security and errors are few and do not mar the convincing nature of performance, with the understanding that live performances are seldom completely accurate.
  • Perform the piece of music with convincing communication skills i.e. rapport with the audience and capacity to engage an audience, appropriate posture and appropriate stagecraft.
  • Confidently acknowledge the audience (e.g. bow) and leave the performing area
Your performance

It is important to think carefully about what you wear as this is part of your presentation. You must dress appropriately for the nature of the performance.

Take time to organise your seat, music stand and any other equipment you need.

At the end of the performance it is good manners and appropriate presentation to acknowledge the audience. A smile is always a good idea, no matter how you think your performance went.