Recital Results 2023

Recitals held 30 September and 1 October at the Performing Arts Studio, Pātaka Art + Museum, Porirua

A big thank you to everyone who entered our recitals this year. Many thanks to our adjudicators Eleanor Carter and Kathryn Mosley.

Ten Minute Recitals, 30 September
1st place Anjali Chu, violin; 2nd place Natalija Sekicki, violin; 3rd place Alina Mai, piano

From left: adjudicators Kathryn Mosley and Eleanor Carter; 2nd place Natalija Sekicki; 1st place Anjali Chu; 3rd place Alina Mai

Twenty Minute Recitals, 1 October
1st place Haicheng Lai (pictured at left), piano; 2nd place Minh Duc Nguyen, piano

Twenty Minute Recital Performers

From left at back: Andrew Cheng, piano; Haicheng Lai, piano; Minh Duc Nguyen, piano; adjudicator Kathryn Mosley; adjudicator Eleanor Carter; Cordelia Waldron, violin; Xavier Ngaro, violin, David Liu, oboe. Front from left: Chloe Shi, piano, Edgar Watson, violin. Absent: Edward Sneyd-Utting, piano.