Grade 6 and above

Saturday 2 October 2021
Pātaka Art + Museum, Norrie Street, Porirua
Adjudicators: Robin Perks and Thomas Nikora


The Terms and Conditions of Entry can be downloaded here.

  1. Entry is open to all school-aged students. Door entry is free, but to help defray costs donations are welcome.
  2. 10 minute Recital Grade 6 and above. Own music selection to take no less than 7 minutes or more than 10 minutes.  Entry fee $20. First prize $125.
  3. 20 minute Recital Grade 8 and above. Own music selection to take no less than 16 minutes or more than 20 minutes Entry fee $40. First prize $500.
  4. When entering this event, a full programme must be listed in the order of presentation.
  5. Entrants must play their programme as listed in the programme. No change of pieces or order of performance accepted.
  6. Timing commences with the first note played and ends at the end of the final note. The audience will be requested to refrain from applause until the Recital is concluded.
  7. Whilst playing by memory is encouraged, this does not incur additional marks.
  8. Entrants are expected to dress in concert dress, refer to Performance Pointers on the website.
  9. If an accompanist is required, this must be organised by the entrant. 
  10. Each performer will receive a written report which will be available at the conclusion of the Recital class.
  11. Copies of the music to be performed must be available for the Adjudicator on the day of the competition. Photocopies are acceptable for this purpose and should be in excellent condition. Please note that all photocopies will be destroyed after the event. 
  12. If using an accompanist, the music copy must be in score format.
  13. Adjudicator’s copies must be clearly labelled with the competitor’s name. The teacher’s name must not be visible to the adjudicator.
  14. Entrants should arrive at least 30 minutes before their class.
  15. Prizes shall be at the discretion of the Adjudicators whose decision is final. 
  16. Unless advised to the contrary, competitors accept that their name, photograph, or video footage may be included in any results published and/or used for publicity.
  17. Closing date for entries is Sunday, 12 September 2021.  Enter online at:
  18. No late entries will be accepted. NB: Due to time constraints entries may have to be limited.
  19. Entrants are requested to forward a portrait photograph of them for inclusion in the programme to Please title the file with your name.